The Ultimate Guide: Top Cisco Certification Progressions from CCNA to CCIE in 2023

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The Ultimate Guide: Top Cisco Certification Progressions from CCNA to CCIE!

With the upsurge of the digital upheaval, the petition for network technicians has increased, making it one of the most popular jobs in the IT industry. Cisco is among the most renowned names in networking. Undoubtedly, from CCNA to CCIE, all the Cisco certifications will have a significant value in 2023.

In this exhilarating blog, we will discover detailed Cisco certification in 2023, including the many types of credentials, their requisites, and their extensive benefits. You will have a compact considerate of Cisco certification, its value in the market for employment, and how it can assist you stand out as a connectivity expert.

Continue exploring this informative blog to learn more about the best Cisco certification in 2023. We will also explore the best Cisco training program in 2023.

About Cisco Certification

A Cisco certification is a globally standard certification for computer technicians, networking specialists, or individuals pursuing network security and architecture careers. The Cisco credentials validate your skills and extensive knowledge about Cisco technologies broadly utilized in networking sectors.

The Cisco credential programs come with different specialties and levels, including CCNA – Cisco Certified Networking Associate and CCIE – Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Dedicated Cisco certificates like CCNA in security, CCNA in wireless communication, and CCNP credentials are also available to pursue throughout the curriculum.

Acquiring a Cisco accreditation requires passing more than one exam, which evaluates your extensive skills and abilities in certain computer networking ideologies or principles, security, switching, and network routing.

The benefits of getting a Cisco certification may include enhanced professional career areas, greater salaries, and a widespread reputation as a computer networking specialist in the networking sector. These certifications may imitate your keen dedication to continuing learning and career growth.

Acquiring these certifications (CCNA to CCIE) is a profitable investment for networking specialists or IT professionals searching to improve their professional aspects and endure competition in any networking sector or organization.

Significance of Cisco Certifications in 2023

Is Cisco certification beneficial? If you want to work in the field of cybersecurity, networking, or another form of IT profession, here are some reasons why getting a Cisco certification is an excellent choice.

  1. Assist You in Developing Technical Skills

A Cisco certificate may help you get a broader view of the IT world if you have outstanding technical abilities. Certification is an effective strategy for honing existing skills and developing new ones.

Cisco credentials also teach with practical knowledge, so you’ll gain a firsthand understanding of various networks, methods, and advances. These skills are required for advancement in the IT profession.

  1. Assist You in Learning Non-Technical Skills

Cisco certification classes and exams emphasize problem-solving, innovative thinking, social or computer networking, and technology. These aren’t precisely “hard competencies,” but they are just as crucial to an IT engineer as knowing how networking works.

Those non-technical skills are essential Whenever you want a cybersecurity or mainstream IT career. They are not limited to your IT profession. As you might anticipate, innovative problem-solving and thinking abilities can benefit everyday life and other crafts.

  1. The Cisco Field is Constantly Expanding

As the world grows increasingly dependent on internet connectivity, the IT, data, and security sectors are showing signs of continued growth. As an outcome, there is a steady shortage of IT personnel across businesses.

These industries are diverse as well. You may submit your IT and Cisco credential knowledge to various corporations, government departments, and non-profit organizations. You can choose the company or production that you wish to work with.

  1. There is plenty of room for failure.

Cisco certification and IT skills are highly versatile. So, if you’re stuck in an activity or position, you can rapidly transfer the skills and knowledge you acquired while getting certified to another area, such as computer security or data management.

If you want to learn about networking or network management, a Cisco credential is for you. Cybersecurity, network administration, and cloud computing are all feasible job paths.

  1. It is a ‘Stamp of Excellence’ For Your Comprehension.

Even if you have vital networking and routing skills, a Cisco certification can demonstrate to potential companies that you are knowledgeable and have the core abilities and understanding required for the job.

Cisco hardware now handles a significant percentage of web traffic. Although you already possess networking skills and expertise, a Cisco certification proves that industry experts have verified your knowledge. Simply put, it’s a “stamp of approval” from the marketplace that demonstrates the skills you claim.

  1. It can boost your competitiveness.

Under a 2018 research with more than 16,000 IT professionals, nearly 90% agree that certifications lead to more effective employees. A Cisco credential is an excellent way to show potential employers you have the essential skills and commitment for a career.

There are plenty of job prospects in the IT industry, but it is also competitive. Having more than one Cisco certification on your CV may assist you in standing out.

  1. You may carry it with you wherever you go. 

Cisco certifications are globally recognized, which makes them excellent for those who want to reside and work abroad — or even individuals who are open to the idea.

You’ll get prepared to seek a profession in another nation because most overseas firms or organizations accept the abilities offered in the Cisco certifications study.

  1. There is Always Room for Progress

As previously said, Cisco certifications are supposed to complement one another. CCNA or CCIE training can lay the groundwork for accreditation at the associate, expert, and even “architect” degrees.

That implies you may advance as far as you want with your Cisco certifications training. That is beneficial to your job, but funding for additional training allows you to remain on top of dangerous developments and spreads in the constantly shifting landscape of technology.

Now, we’ll determine which Cisco certifications will be in high demand in 2023.

The Ultimate Guide: Top Cisco Certification Progressions from CCNA to CCIE in 2023

Different Types of Cisco Certifications in 2023

The Cisco Corporation is a worldwide provider of interpersonal relationships equipment, software, and services. Software developers can select from various certifications to validate their skills and knowledge in networking, safety, teamwork, data center operations, and other areas.

Cisco offers five levels of certification: entry-level, associate-level, professional-level, specialist-level, and architect-level. Each group demands a distinct set of skills and knowledge.

There are over 50 Cisco credentials available, with the following among the most popular:

  • CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate: This certification validates basic networking abilities and understanding. Cisco’s most prevalent and valuable qualification is the Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA. It assesses entry-level networking engineers’ abilities to organize, configure, manage, and troubleshoot medium-sized routing and switching networks.
  • CCNP – Cisco Certified Network Professional: This accreditation is intended for more seasoned networking professionals with outstanding expertise and abilities. Cisco’s most preferred qualification is the Cisco Certified Network Professional – CCNP. It confirms the skills necessary for entry-level network professionals to plan, configure, and run moderate-sized local and large-area networks utilizing Cisco machinery, security appliances, and access points for wireless communication. Candidates can also use Cisco equipment to design routing and switching networks.
  • CCIE – Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert: The most prestigious and challenging certification. It requires extensive networking understanding as well as hands-on experience. One of Cisco’s top certifications is the CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification. It certifies that the holder understands sophisticated routing and transitioning, network safety, and service supplier technologies necessary to create effective Cisco routers, switches, network operating systems (IOS), and IPv/IP multiplex solutions.
  • CCT – Cisco Certified Technician: Cisco Certified Technician – CCT is Cisco’s beginning IT certification. It validates the ability to do operations required to maintain a tiny regional network, such as fundamental networking setup and troubleshooting abilities on Cisco routers, switches, wireless access points, and various other devices.
  • CCDE – Cisco Certified Design Expert: Cisco Certified Design Expert Cisco certificate is the company’s highest degree of technical certification. The holder possesses extensive knowledge of developed routing and switching methods, wireless networking technologies (e.g., Cisco Unified wireless connectivity Network), safety procedures, and networking administration software programs such as Cisco Prime Facilities, Cisco DNA Institute, and Cisco Unifying Services Monitor.
  • CCNP Security: This certification attests to advanced safety abilities and expertise.

What is the Most Basic-Level of Cisco Certification?

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an international leader in developing, manufacturing and selling networking elements, communication equipment, and other high-tech goods. The company’s accreditation program has become popular worldwide and is an example for IT companies.

The Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician or CCENT is the most fundamental Cisco credential. This certification is intended for those just starting in their network professions. The CCENT certificate validates an individual’s ability to install, configure, and diagnose smaller networks. It is also required for higher-level certifications like the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

Exam Details

To obtain the CCENT certification, a candidate has to clear the ICND1 exam (Interconnecting Cisco Network Systems Phase 1). This exam addresses OSI stages, IP address interpreting, subnetting, and routing techniques, among other topics. It also goes over the Cisco network and switches configuration.

The CCENT certification is the most basic Cisco certification designed for persons new to the networking process. It is required for higher-level credentials that include the CCNA. This certification validates the candidate’s ability to establish, configure, and debug tiny networks.

What is the Most Advanced of Cisco Certification?

The value of Cisco credentials is defined by consumer demand for precise skills and the degree of competence required for a specific job role. However, according to present market conditions and predictions, the CCIE – Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert will undoubtedly be among the most appealing Cisco credentials in 2023.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is Cisco’s most advanced kind of certification and the sector’s most advanced certification in network engineering. It attests to a person’s expert-level understanding and abilities in sophisticated network planning, execution, and debugging.

Exam Details

The CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification is essential in the networking sector. The CCIE test assesses candidates’ ability to plan, manage, and debug intricate network infrastructures. The exam is separated into two parts: written and lab.

The cost of the CCIE exam varies by area and currency. The recorded exam costs $450 in the United States, whereas the lab test costs $1,600. The exam numbers for the theoretical and lab exams are 400-101 and CCIE research and development v5.0, respectively.

To study for the CCIE exam, applicants must have at least 5-7 years of computer networking experience.

Why Do People Prefer Cisco Certifications?

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a corporation that provides goods and services, communication, and network technology. The company’s most widely recognized offerings are its router and switch systems that distribute multimedia, audio, and data transport across global networks. Cisco offers storage networking options, integrated communication apps (WebEx), virtual presence & cooperation (WebEx), and several services.

The Cisco Professional Certification program ensures that IT workers have the abilities and expertise to support Cisco’s offerings and address clients’ technology concerns on multiple fronts. It begins at the beginner level and progresses via associate, professional, and expert positions before reaching architect levels (in some qualification categories).

Top 5 Cisco Certifications to Acquire in 2023

The following are the top five Cisco certifications to obtain in 2023:

  1. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

The CCNA, or Cisco Certified Networking Associate, degree has quickly become among the most coveted entry-level networking credentials in the networking sector. The CCNA is designed for network technicians with less than two years of experience. The most notable advantage of CCNA learning is the inexpensive cost of CCNA Cisco certification.

The primary purpose of this Cisco certification is to provide networking experts and novices with an associate-level certificate. The CCNA curriculum requires students to pass tests while training in the configuration, regular consumption, and troubleshooting Cisco’s medium networking devices. Students participating in the initiative are also evaluated and trained in networking troubleshooting and deployment.

Exam Details

There are no certain prerequisites for the CCNA certification. You will be able to choose from the following exams:

Option one:

  • CCNA Accelerated Linking Cisco Network Devices (CCNAX) 200-120

Option number two:

  • Cisco Network Unit Linking – Part 1 (ICND1) 100-101
  • 200-101 Integrating Cisco Networking – Section 2 (ICND2)

The CCNA examinations range in price from $325 to $600, subject to the exam.

  1. CCNP – Cisco Certified Network Professional.

CCNP is an abbreviation for Cisco Certified Network Professional. IT professionals with a minimum of a year of administrative networking experience are eligible for this credential. A secondary school diploma or equivalent is also necessary. In 2023, it will be the most prestigious and most desirable Cisco credential.

The CCNP certification is intended for individuals seeking additional education in implementing, maintaining, and managing Cisco’s comprehensive high-end networking solutions. The CCNP credential curriculum includes a variety of courses that address the basic principles of IT networking. Here are several examples:

  • Cisco remote management
  • Advanced routing software from Cisco
  • Multilayered networking by Cisco
  • Converged optimizing networks
  • Internet connectivity can be scaled.

Exam Details

A CCNA accreditation is required to take the CCNP certification exam. The CCNP certification is comprised of three exams:

  • ROUTE 300-101: Configuring Cisco IP Router (ROUTE)
  • SWITCH Cisco IP Switching Networking Architecture (SWITCH) 300-115
  • Cisco IP Network Monitoring and Maintenance (TSHOOT) 300-135

The CCNP examinations range in price from $900 to $1200, according to the exam.

  1. Cisco Certified Design Associate – CCDA

CCNA qualifications focus on the fundamentals of computer network operation, while CCDA certificates focus on developing genuinely accessible, long-lasting networks. This accreditation is an excellent option for IT workers interested in assembling the components needed for an effective network design to match an organization’s demand for a feasible and robust network. Building network engineers are valued by corporations for their ability to develop new network structures and update current ones.

Exam Details

For CCDA certification, you must pass Cisco’s DESGN exam, which covers developing enterprise network designs such as router and switch innovations, protocols, and applications. A CCDA also qualifies you for the CCDP, which emphasizes advanced networking, switching methods, and diversified network designs.

This certification validates the ability to design interconnected and switching systems and networks for local areas (LANs) and broad area networks (WANs). The CCDA exam costs $300 and is offered at Pearson Academic testing centers. The exam lasts 75 minutes and includes 55-65 questions. Taking instructor-led courses or researching with Cisco Publications books and mock tests can help candidates study for the CCDA exam. The CCDA exam is required for higher-level Cisco credentials like the CCDP (Cisco Certified Designer Professional).

  1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in Data Center

CCNA is a relatively new credential that expanded from the original CCNA into additional levels. Instead of focusing on WAN and web connections, CCNA Data Center concentrates on networked equipment inside a data center.

Two tests are required for DCICN and DCICT certification. The exams include computer networking concepts and technology such as networking, virtual servers, and data. This certification route was created to meet occupational expertise and emphasis on specific groupings of computer network technologies and duties.

Network administrators are in high demand because of the growing interest in private data centers. CCNA Data Center is an appealing alternative for network immigrants looking to broaden their range of abilities and increase their chances of landing a good first job.

Exam Details

The 200-150 DCICN (Introducing Cisco Data Central Network) and 200-155 DCICT (Familiarizing Cisco Data Center Networking Techniques) exams are part of the CCNA Data Center Credential.

Candidates for the CCNA DC Certification have to clear two exams, the 200-150 and the 200-155. The CCNA DC tests will cost USD 165 apiece, for a total examination fee of $330.

  1. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security

Hopefully, someone seeking the CCNP Security knows it is a mark of cybersecurity expertise across the IT industry. If your firm uses Cisco technology in its networking or systems, the CCNP Protection is just one of the best tools for proving advanced ability in deploying the critical safety measures that Cisco offers – and there are many of them. Cisco’s contemporary gateways and dynamic security module firewalls are unrivaled in their capabilities to secure and defend networks, the cloud, terminals, web browsing, and visibility. This course will prepare you to sit for the test, demonstrating your understanding of them.

Exam Details

This intermediate Cisco certification training trains students for two tests: an initial test (350-701 SCOR) and one of six focus exams including 300-730 (SVPN), 300-710 (SNCF), 300-715 (SISE), 300-720 (SESA), 300735 (SAUTO), or 300-725 (SWSA).

The CCNP Security certificate is a globally recognized credential that validates network security experts’ superior abilities and expertise. The certificate is made up of four exams, each of which focuses on a different aspect of network safety. The cost of each exam varies by region and location, but it usually ranges between $300 and $500. The examination numbers are 300-710 (SNCF), 300-715 (SISE), 300-720 (SESA), and 300-725 (SWSA). To pass, applicants must score at least 70% on each exam. Candidates who complete the exam will be awarded the CCNP Security authorization, valid for three years.


Mastering the skill of networking is critical in the modern age of technology. A Cisco certifications can provide people with the knowledge, abilities, and credentials required to succeed in networking. Cisco credentials will be precious and desired by businesses in 2023. Earning Cisco credentials is a sensible decision, no matter if you have just begun out with acquaintances or want to advance your career. Users can find their way to networking success by examining the many types of certifications available and the ways to acquire them. If you know the Cisco training program you must take in 2023, please leave a comment.

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