Securing Your Career top best Cisco DevNet Certifications for Software Developers 2023

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Securing Your Career Cisco DevNet Certifications for Software Developers!

The organization network is evolving from manual to computerized, from equipment to software-defined, and from tightly managed to spread over cloud-based services, multi-cloud, remote employment, and IoT settings. Network experts must develop current structures throughout these circumstances and improve the network’s aptitudes to care the digital shift.

To stay forward of the developing technology curvature, recover their expert lives, and bring value to the business, networking administrators, engineers, and originators must learn new aptitudes positioned on emerging software. In reaction to these shifting motions, Cisco, which currently provides a wide range of networking, safety, and cloud computing credentials, has launched a certification track known as DevNet. Cisco Certified DevNet engineers can think about complex networking issues and provide solutions at scale through automation.

At the beginning of 2020, Cisco introduced its initial DevNet certifications: DevNet Associate, DevNet Expert, and DevNet Specialist. Cisco also added DevNet Professional to the credential track this year, with the initial examinations in May. As we already understand Cisco certifications and why they are regarded as the most renowned and highly compensated certifications worldwide, we must understand how to prepare for and pass the Cisco DevNet test on the first try.

Keep reading this article to learn more about amazing facts about DevOps certifications and their benefits after acquiring them.

What is Cisco DevNet Certification?

Cisco DevNet Certification is a specialist accreditation focusing on networking and developing software. The certification program is intended for networking experts who wish to leverage the power of computer software and automation.

At its core, Cisco DevNet Certification is concerned with learning the skills to develop apps and solutions that use Cisco’s networking technology. It gives you the understanding and skills to design, implement, and oversee programs that improve network operation and efficiency.

The focus on application programming interfaces, or APIs, is a fundamental feature of this certification. The Cisco APIs enable developers to interface with and operate Cisco network equipment programmatically.

DevNet-certified individuals can simplify network operations, troubleshoot problems more effectively, and design creative applications that suit unique networking requirements by comprehending and interacting with these APIs.

This certification curriculum includes network robotics, networking software-defined (SDN), the cloud, and cybersecurity. It gives applicants practical expertise in labs and functional tasks, ensuring they are conversant with academic principles and can apply them in everyday situations.

Earning a Cisco DevNet Certification validates your knowledge of networking programming, making you a valued asset in the modern IT market.

Why Must Get Cisco DevNet Certifications?

Earning Cisco DevNet certifications is a sensible professional decision for various compelling explanations. These certifications provide several advantages that can help you advance your career in the ever-changing world of connectivity and technology.

Firstly, Cisco DevNet certifications certify your skills and knowledge in Cisco system software development. This knowledge is crucial in today’s tech scene, where networks and programming have become increasingly interconnected. Employers seek experts who can bridge the gap between networks and developing software; therefore, Cisco DevNet certifications are in popular demand.

Furthermore, these qualifications provide access to a wide range of work options. A Cisco DevNet certification makes you a better choice for network automation technician, cloud creator, and DevOps designer positions. These occupations frequently have higher pay and more work security.

Cisco DevNet certifications offer an organized course of study as well. You’ll get direct involvement in setting up, implementing automation, and debugging Cisco networks, giving you practical abilities you can use immediately in real-world circumstances.

Furthermore, maintaining current with Cisco’s technology is critical, and Cisco DevNet certifications guarantee you are at the cutting edge of development. Cisco releases cutting-edge technology and upgrades regularly, and obtaining these certifications demonstrates your dedication to remaining current in the business.

Networking is all about contacts, and Cisco DevNet certifications assist you in developing a solid professional network. You’ll join a group of like-minded people, share knowledge, and have access to unique resources, all while improving your job chances.

Securing Your Career Cisco DevNet Certifications for Software Developers!

Cisco DevNet certifications provide a road to job advancement, better salary potential, and staying current in the fast-paced world of connectivity and programming. Studying for such credentials is a wise decision for anyone who wants to succeed in the tech business.

Who is a Cisco-certified DevNet Professional?

A Cisco-certified DevNet expert is a highly qualified IT professional who has earned accreditation from Cisco Systems, a well-known leader in connectivity and technological solutions. This certification validates a person’s knowledge of network robotics, software creation, and programming.

In order to become a Cisco-certified DevNet Professional, a Cisco Certified DevNet Associates certification needs to be obtained. This preliminary phase demonstrates mastery of core networking principles and programming skills. A DevNet Expert build on this basis by delving deeper into sophisticated subjects such as networking automation, architecture as code, and application programming interface integration.

A Cisco-certified DevNet Professional’s primary tasks involve:

  • They excel in scripting network chores with tools such as Python, Ansible data, and REST APIs, resulting in improved productivity and being free of mistakes in network administration.
  • DevNet Professionals are skilled developers capable of developing custom programs and scripts to improve network performance.
  • They are well-versed in Application Programming Interfaces, or API, and can easily integrate numerous networks and platforms.
  • It is critical to ensure network security. Security precautions within networks based on software are well-known among DevNet Professionals.
  • They have excellent troubleshooting abilities, allowing them to discover and address complex network issues quickly.
  • Collaboration is essential since they collaborate with network engineers, builders, and other IT personnel to match the automation of networks with company goals.
  • Maintaining certification requires keeping up with the newest market trends and Cisco products.

Being a Cisco-certified DevNet Expert gives up various job options, ranging from networking automation engineer positions to cloud architecture specialists. These specialists are essential in upgrading and optimizing network services, making them a vital asset to any firm striving to remain relevant in the 21st century. Cisco’s accreditation program is demanding, ensuring DevNet Professionals are adequately prepared to face the changing IT landscape’s demands.

Benefits of Getting Cisco DevNet Certifications

Cisco DevNet certifications provide numerous benefits that can significantly advance your position in IT companies. These credentials confirm your knowledge of software creation, automation, and network programming inside the Cisco environment. Let’s look at some primary advantages of obtaining a Cisco DevNet certification.

  • Improved Career Prospects: Cisco DevNet certifications provide a world of possibilities for you. They are recognized worldwide and in high demand by businesses, giving you an essential advantage in the employment market.
  • Skills Validation: These certificates demonstrate your knowledge of designing programs and process automation with Cisco technologies. Employers may have confidence in your ability to manage complex network duties properly.
  • Agility and creativity: Cisco DevNet certifications focus on network administration innovations and efficiency. You’ll learn to use APIs and automation instruments to quickly respond to changing networking requirements and business trends.
  • Enhanced Earning Potential: Certified experts frequently command more pay. You may negotiate a better salary or explore higher-paying work prospects if you have a Cisco DevNet certification.
  • Exclusive Material Access: Cisco DevNet-certified users get access to many tools, including development sandboxes, code specimens, and forums. These materials support continual growth and education.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Cisco DevNet certificates connect you to a thriving professional network of builders, network technicians, and architects. This community may offer insights, assistance, and cooperation opportunities during your professional life.
  • Industry Appreciation: Cisco is a household name in telecommunications and information technology. A DevNet accreditation brings weight and credibility to the industry, improving how you present yourself.
  • Diversification of Skills: These credentials encourage skill diversity. You will gain skills in networking and developing software, security, and cloud computing, allowing you to become a flexible IT professional.
  • Problem-Solving Ability: Cisco DevNet certificates emphasize fundamental problem-solving skills. You’ll be better able to diagnose network problems, automate normal processes, and create solutions that meet unique business requirements.
  • Future-Proofing: The IT environment is constantly changing. Cisco DevNet certifications update you on recent innovations and trends, ensuring your career’s future.

Cisco DevNet certificates are a financial investment in the future of your career. They provide opportunities for promotion, talent confirmation, and membership in a thriving community.

Different Levels of Cisco DevNet Certifications

There are three different levels of Cisco DevNet Certifications. Here are the individual details of different levels of Cisco DevNet certifications:

  • Cisco DevNet Associate
  • Cisco DevNet Professional
  • Cisco DevNet Expert


  1. Cisco DevNet Associate

The Cisco DevNet Associate certification prepares you for associate-level IT jobs. It is intended for developers with at least a year of practical experience developing and managing apps built on Cisco systems. This accreditation confirms your understanding of Cisco platforms, uses, coding tactics, and APIs.

You must clear the 200-901 DEVASC: DevNet Associate test to obtain the Cisco Registered DevNet Associate credential. Once licensed, you can enable enterprises to embrace the possibilities of network applications, digitization, and architecture for the Internet of Things, development operations, and WebEx. To pass the certification test, all you require is the correct course that will assist you in studying.

  • Perquisites
  • Several years of developing software expertise, particularly programming in Python (preferred)
  • Basic computer OS navigation abilities
  • Basic internet knowledge
  • Recertification

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate credential remains valid for three years after the qualification. You may apply for renewal by doing the following:

  • Completing a qualifying exam; or
  • Obtaining 30 hours of ongoing instruction
  • You must repeat the exam to achieve active status if the certificate does not renew. You can recertify throughout the activity by obtaining next-level certificates, further education credits, or any combination.
  1. Cisco DevNet Professional

Professional-level software architects, DevOps scientists, automation experts, and other software developers can get Cisco DevNet professional accreditation.

The program validates critical developing technical capabilities for a new breed of IT competent, enabling firms to take on the possibilities of network uses, automation, and facilities and the Internet of Things, DevOps, and WebEx to communicate. And because every test in the DevNet Professional course earns a unique Specialist accreditation, you’ll get rewarded for your achievements along the road.

Obtaining the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification validates your ability to build and manage apps based on Cisco systems. To obtain DevNet Professional accreditation, you must pass two exams: one covering foundational software creation and layout for Cisco systems and one specialization exam of your preference, allowing you to tailor your credentials to your specific area of interest.

  • Perquisites
  • It is critical to have a solid understanding of networking fundamentals.
  • Using coding and scripting dialects to demonstrate knowledge
  • Demonstrating expertise in API usage and implementation.
  • Knowledge of network standards and setups
  • Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python
  • Understanding of network task automation
  • Understanding the foundations of network security
  • Knowledge of virtualization technology.
  • Containerization expertise, such as Docker
  • Knowledge of Git for managing codes
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms.
  • Fundamental web development abilities.
  • Understanding of DevOps practices.
  • Ability to troubleshoot network difficulties.
  • Knowledge of database systems.
  • Knowledge of Linux operating systems.
  • Understanding of networking protocols (for example, TCP/IP).
  • Understanding of RESTful API principles.
  • Understanding of Agile development approaches.
  • Capability to write concise technical documentation
  • These words will assist you in better comprehending the Cisco DevNet Professional accreditation prerequisites.


  • Recertification

Recertification for the Cisco DevNet Professional is required to keep your network management and computer programming knowledge current. Cisco mandates recertification every 3 years to guarantee you stay updated. You may retake the DevNet Professional test or gain continuing education points by participating in Cisco instructional programs. It keeps you updated on the latest innovations and developments in the continuously changing network world. Recertification ensures that you remain an experienced Cisco DevNet Professional.

  1. Cisco DevNet Expert

Cisco DevNet Expert is a respected credential for IT specialists who want to understand Cisco’s programmer ecosystem. This certification demonstrates a thorough mastery of Cisco methods, APIs, and programming, elevating you to the desired network management and programming expert.

Candidates must first earn the Cisco DevNet Associate and Professional certifications before pursuing the Cisco DevNet Expert certificate. It prepares you for the Expert-level tests, which cover sophisticated subjects, including infrastructures as code, networking as software (SDN), or multi-domain management.

As a Cisco DevNet Expert, you can build and deploy complex automation remedies, allowing businesses to streamline processes and increase productivity. Companies worldwide extensively value this qualification, making it an essential asset for career progression.

The DevNet Expert certification is one of the best Cisco DevNet Certifications validates your knowledge of Cisco APIs, resources, and systems such as Cisco DNA Institute, WebEx, and Cisco Marin. It teaches you how to build bespoke applications and connectors that improve network security and efficiency. Cisco DevNet Experts are at the cutting edge of innovation, accelerating digital change across sectors.

The Cisco DevNet Expert credential is the gold standard for developers and networking professionals, verifying your knowledge of Cisco’s programmable architecture and boosting your career to novel heights in the ever-changing world of IT.

  • Perquisites
  • A thorough understanding of fundamental networking principles such as procedures, routing techniques, and switching
  • Programming language proficiency in Python, the case of JavaScript or Java
  • Knowledge of APIs, or app programming interfaces, and their use in network management
  • Because many networking gadgets use Linux-based programs, knowledge of Linux OS is required.
  • Experience handling code changes using versions of code such as Git.
  • Knowledge of encapsulation technologies such as Docker for deployment of applications
  • Knowledge of orchestration instruments such as Kubernetes is required to administer containerized uses.
  • Knowledge of cloud systems such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud is required.
  • A solid understanding of cybersecurity concepts and network security best practices
  • Ability to script for automated tasks using libraries and systems
  • Proficiency with network management technologies such as Ansible, Puppet, or Chef
  • Recertification

Recertification for the Cisco DevNet Expert certificate is required to ensure that individuals’ network management and software creation skills are maintained. Candidates can recertify by passing the DevNet Expert examination or participating in the ongoing education scheme, including authoring articles, visiting webinars, and taking training courses. It guarantees that DevNet Experts remain current on industry trends and technology, allowing them to keep their status as respected specialists in Cisco’s DevNet area.

How to Secure the Cisco DevNet Certifications?

Obtaining the Cisco DevNet certifications can lead to intriguing networking and information technology job prospects. Here’s a step-by-step guide to secure Cisco certification:

  1. Cisco provides an extensive selection of certifications, from beginner to expert. Begin by picking the certificate that corresponds to your professional objectives. CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are popular options.
  2. Check to see if there are any prerequisites for your desired qualification. Some certificates require you to have prior capabilities or underlying knowledge.
  3. Collect study materials. Cisco DevNet Certifications offer official instructional materials. However, several books, distance learning programs, and practice examinations are available from credible sources.
  4. Create a study regimen that fits your learning style and time constraints. Consistency is essential.
  5. Set up specified time intervals daily or weekly for concentrated study.
  6. Cisco examinations frequently feature hands-on lab simulations. To obtain practical knowledge, set up a lab setup with Cisco’s packet tracer software or physical devices.
  7. Participate in discussion boards and groups devoted to Cisco certification. They’re excellent for asking inquiries, exchanging experiences, and accessing valuable resources.
  8. Take practice examinations to gauge how you’re doing and identify areas for improvement. It allows you to concentrate on researching more efficiently.
  9. Review and improve your understanding of what you have covered regularly. Don’t speed through the content; strive for a thorough grasp.
  10. Get acquainted with Cisco exam scenarios. They simulate real-world exam situations and can increase your trust in the instructor.
  11. Book the real Cisco exam after consistently scoring well on practice examinations and being comfortable with what you know.
  12. Arrive earlier on the vital day, bring the necessary proof of identity, and be calm. Read the questions attentively, take your breath, and do not rush.
  13. Congrats on passing! Cisco will mail you a certification. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t pass. Analyze the outcomes, discover your weak points, and resume your studies.
  14. Cisco DevNet certifications have an expiration time. Participate in ongoing learning events or retake the exam whenever necessary to stay current.
  15. Explore new career options or grow within your organization with a qualification. Cisco credentials are highly valued in the industry.
  16. Participate actively in social gatherings, meetings, and online forums. Building a network of authorities can lead to beneficial contacts and career advancement.
  17. Remember that obtaining the Cisco DevNet certifications takes time and work, but the benefits of professional growth and expertise gained are worth it. Maintain your focus on your objectives, and achievement will follow.


Acquiring Cisco certification and adopting the Cisco DevNet path provides numerous advantages for programmers. These certificates not only authenticate your competence, but they additionally offer the door to a plethora of options in the ever-changing technology field.

Cisco certificates, which include CCNA, CCNP, and DevNet Associate, act as keys to profitable jobs. They provide a comprehensive understanding of networking, safety, and programming ability, essential for current software advancement. This complete skill set improves your problem-solving talents and cooperation opportunities with network pros as an application developer.

Additionally, Cisco DevNet certificates emphasize automation, which is critical in today’s software-driven world. Your knowledge of DevOps, APIs, and architecture as code enables you to collaborate fluidly inside DevOps teams, offering you a vital resource to firms aiming for speed and creativity.

Cisco certifications boost your professional prospects and enable you to make significant contributions to technological advances that form the digital age. So, start this path, get your Cisco DevNet certifications, and become an application developer ready for success in a technologically driven future.

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