JN0-104 | Mastering Networking Fundamentals Prepare for the top best JN0-104 Juniper Exam!

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Mastering Networking Fundamentals Prepare for the JN0-104 Juniper Exam!


Junos, Associate (JNCIA-Junos) is a Juniper credential commonly known as the JN0-104 Juniper Exam. CertMagic has compiled complete answers and questions to guide you through your JN0-104 exam preparation. The JN0-104 exam covers every topic and category in Juniper, preparing you for passing the Juniper exam Certification.

A fantastic strategy to get started with the JN0-104 Juniper exam preparation is to understand the importance of the prospectus and study guide in the JN0-104 Juniper exam certification test. This JN0-104 Juniper exam study guide is intended to help you get on the same page as Juniper and comprehend the nature of the Juniper exam.

Our expert team created this  Juniper Exam preparation directly to offer a summary of the Juniper Junos Associate exam, learning resources, sample questions, practice exam, and methods for interpreting  JN0-104 Juniper Exam objectives to assist you in assessing your readiness to attempt the Juniper JNCIA-Junos exam through determining prerequisite areas of knowledge. We suggest you refer to the simulation topics and practice test given in this JN0-104 Juniper Exam guide to establish what questions will be asked and the degree of complexity that may be assessed on the JN0-104 Juniper Exam.

Continue exploring and reading to learn how to pass the JN0-104 exam in 2024.

What is the JN0-104 Juniper Exam?

The Juniper Junos Associates (JNCIA-Junos JN0-104) certificate exam is designed to examine beginner to advanced-level networking skills required to function as a networking professional. The Juniper Exam certifies a candidate’s grasp of the essential functions of the Juniper Networking Junos operating system.

This Exam is intended to evaluate the candidate’s comprehension of networking principles and their capacity to configure, track, and repair Junos devices. The exam covers the OSI model, routing standards, MPLS, and Junos setup.

The JN0-104 Juniper Exam also referred to as the Junos, Associate (JNCIA-Junos), allows Juniper to examine a variety of subjects, as do every test. That implies understanding the majority of Juniper Exam content is essential because the exam is given at random from among the many possible subjects. Be aware. However, that experience requirements frequently exist because they have observed the ordinary individual and what is necessary. You can get past it to do well with the JN0-104 Juniper Exam, but it may need additional effort.

The JN0-104 Juniper Exam is suited for people who understand networking fundamentals and wish to deepen their knowledge of the Junos environment. The certification is appropriate for network engineers, support scientists, and network experts who use Juniper Networks equipment.

Passing the Juniper Exam allows candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of Juniper Networks Junos OS and obtain a competitive advantage in IT. The certification may also be used to move to higher-level Juniper Networks certificates like JNCIS, JNCIP, and JNCIE.

JN0-104 Juniper Exam Details

Here are the details of the JN0-104 Juniper exam for networking fundamentals details in 2024:

  • Exam Name: Juniper JUNOS Associate
  • Exam Code:  JNCIA-Junos JN0-104
  • Number of Questions: 65
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 60 to 70%
  • Exam Fee: $200 USD
  • Exam Language: English Only

Why Choose Us?

CertMagic is an established system providing the most convenient and efficient approach to studying for the forthcoming Juniper certification test on the first try. We provide genuine, legitimate, and up-to-date Juniper Services Provider Routing & Switching Certification JN0-104 test questions prepared by known and certified Juniper Service Provider Routing & Switching Certificate exam trainers.

They collaborate and use their knowledge to guarantee that Juniper Internet Service Provider Routing and Switching Certification answers always meet the highest standards. So, be assured that by using our top-rated and genuine Juniper Service Provider Routing and Switching Recognition JN0-104 test questions, you will have all you need to understand, prepare for, and pass the next Junos, JN0-104 Juniper Exam with ease.

The Juniper JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos problems are a collection of actual, authentic, and up-to-date practice questions that will help you understand the kind, structure, and style of the test questions that will appear on the next JN0-104 exam. Knowing the Juniper Service Provider Routing and Switching Certification JN0-104 test questions and the correct answers will help you quickly pass the forthcoming Juniper Service Provider Routing & Switching Accreditation exam.

We’ve already helped numerous Junos Associate JN0-104 test candidates get their goal certification. You may also rely on us and begin Juniper JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos test preparation with total confidence and happiness.

Tips for Passing the JNCIA-Junos JNO-104 Juniper Exam

To get certified, you must first complete the Juniper Exam. While the JN0-104 Juniper Exam is rigorous, passing is feasible with adequate attention and study. Here are some tips to help you study for the JN0-104 Juniper Exam and get the highest possible result.

  1. Develop a practical study plan.

If you work, you might not have as much time to prepare for the JNCIA-Junos Juniper Exam. However, this should not prevent you from developing a research plan that matches your schedule. Once you’re comfortable with the test structure and syllabus subjects, assign two to three people to work on them.

  1. Obtain the right study resources.

The only way to adequately prepare for a Juniper JNCIA certification exam is to obtain the appropriate study materials. Before you begin your education, you need to have a theoretical basis. This is the basis for your self-study. The Juniper examinations usually cover a wide range of topics. To pass the JNCIA-Junos exam, you must devote significant time and effort to your studies. It would be best if you began by studying the exam syllabus.

If you don’t understand what the certification test entails, you won’t be able to study well. You must understand the syllabus subjects and their weight to identify which ones require the most focus and prepare the ideal study strategy. Several study tools are accessible online to help applicants prepare for the JN0-104 Juniper Exam.

  1. Watch Online Videos about the JNCIA-Junos JNO-104 Exam

Watch pertinent online videos and learn all the necessary abilities to pass the JNCIA-Junos JN0-104 test. You must maintain viewing online videos if you want to learn the abilities needed to succeed in the sJN0-104 Juniper Exam.

  1. Join an online group.

A conversation with other JN0-104 Juniper Exam takers or experienced experts is always beneficial, regardless of where it is held—the chances of resolving an issue improve dramatically when more people are involved. Furthermore, diverse viewpoints make things more important. These conversations make Juniper JNCIA test preparation more thorough. Exam participants have the option to ask questions and receive immediate answers.

  1. Make notes.

Regardless of how you approach learning, taking JN0-104 Juniper Exam notes is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. You may traditionally do this with a pen and paper or by taking notes on your laptop.

  1. Take the JN0-104 Juniper Exam practice test.

After you’ve covered all of the syllabus sections, you should put what you’ve learned into practice. Several JNCIA-Junos practice tests are available online, which are an excellent method to become acquainted with the JN0-104 Juniper Exam format and content. Being prepared will help alleviate some tension you may experience before the exam. It can also help you identify your weak areas and focus your efforts on strengthening them in subsequent learning sessions.

  1. Give your most excellent shot.

Finding appropriate study resources isn’t all. It would be best to create a proper study plan, choose the best time to study and focus on your studies. Stay away from temptations. Also, keep your attention, use the time allotted, and do everything you can during the exam. Juniper JN0-104 Exam questions should be carefully read. Answer all of the JNCIA-Junos test questions. Once you’ve finished, double-check your answers to confirm you’ve answered everything correctly.

  1. Gain practical experience.

Practical experience can make exam objectives more concise and more accessible to master. With lab practice, you’ll get practical expertise with Juniper technology and a deeper understanding of higher-level concepts.

When you encounter a technical element in your study material, especially one you are unfamiliar with, it is usually a good idea to jot it down in your notes.

Note-taking can help you keep organized and alert, but it will also assist you in picking up on topics that may appear complicated. It will help you study for the JN0-104 Juniper Exam and recall what you have learned more effectively.

How Do You Prepare For Exam Day?

Arrive early on JN0-104 Juniper Exam day, well-rested and with a pleasant attitude. Make sure you have the proper identity and any other relevant papers. Manage your time effectively during the test and avoid getting stuck on challenging problems. If you are unsure regarding an answer, make an informed estimate and go to the next question. You can return to difficult questions later.

Mastering Networking Fundamentals Prepare for the JN0-104 Juniper Exam!

Clearing the JN0-104 Juniper Exam necessitates careful planning, dedication, and a systematic approach. Certification-Questions provides the most accurate and authentic JN0-104 dumps, practice exams, and study resources that may improve your final score. Our dumps are thoroughly reviewed by experts who provide complete solutions and extensive explanations.

JNCIA-Junos JNO-104 Juniper Exam Sample Questions

Here are the sample questions for the JN0-104 juniper exam you must know before taking the actual exam in 2024:

Question 1:

Which of the following claims concerning exception traffic handling are correct? (Choose two.)

  1. A rate limitation for exception traffic is enabled by default on the internal link connecting the control plane and the forwarding plane.
  2. The internal connection between the control and forwarding planes does not include a rate restriction for exception traffic by default.
  3. When congestion arises, local and controlled traffic is prioritized.
  4. When congestion arises, only exception traffic is prioritized.

Question 2:

Which two sentences describe the features of the Routing Engine (RE)? (Choose two.

  1. The RE will use filters and routing principles when forwarding packets to their final destination.
  2. The RE will send or switch packets or images from the appropriate interface as soon as practicable.
  3. The RE will compute the optimum network path to each unique subnet based on input from various routing protocols and static paths.
  4. The RE will handle management traffic to assist in monitoring and managing network devices.

Question 3:

A router’s routing database has a static and an OSPF route that uses the prefix. The router uses the factory-default Junos OS routing preference settings. In this situation, which of the following is correct?

  1. The OSPF route will remain active due to a lower default preference value.
  2. The OSPF route will become active due to a higher default preference value.
  3. The static route will remain active due to a lower default preference value.
  4. The static route will remain active due to a better default preference value.

Question 4:

Which of the two statements concerning routing policies is correct? (Choose two.)

  1. Import policies are used to manage incoming traffic on a given interface.
  2. An export policy controls outbound traffic on a single interface.
  3. An export policy specifies the routes broadcast to peers in the local routing spreadsheet.
  4. An import policy is a way to manage routes that are accepted via the local routing table.

Question 5:

You connect to an innovative device on your network and are given the information and prompt displayed in the illustration. Which three actions must be completed to change the configuration on this device? Choose three.

  1. Enter CLI at the % prompt.
  2. Log in as the root user without having a password.
  3. Log in as the root user, employing the root123 password.
  4. Enter configure at the > prompt.
  5. Enter CLI at the > prompt.


The Juniper Junos Associate JN0-104 Juniper Exam test is intended for candidates with a primary or intermediate understanding of networking or those employed in the networking area. JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos test validates Juniper Networks’ Junos OS knowledge and skills.

To get certified, you must first complete the Juniper JN0-104 test. Practicing for a test like the JN0-104 might become a full-time job. Because specific tests are so rigorous, work pays for them. Certification is complex and time-consuming. It requires time, practice, and a clear focus. We at CertMagic realize that.

While the test is rigorous, passing is feasible with adequate attention and preparation.  You’ll be ready to take the JN0-104 Juniper Exam certification test. Once you’re JNCIA-Junos certified, you may highlight your new certification on your resume and LinkedIn to differentiate yourself from the crowd!

JNCIA-Junos is the foundational certification in Juniper Networks accreditation schemes and is required for all subsequent Juniper Networks certifications. After completing this Juniper test, the applicant can pursue the following certification routes Juniper Networks gives. If you have any queries about the Juniper JN0-104 exam, please don’t hesitate to comment on them to get the best response from our skilled professionals.

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