CIW Certifications and its 4 Types: Your Complete Exam Code Breakdown!

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CIW Certifications: Your Complete Exam Code Breakdown!


Certification is a fantastic method to acquire high-paying work in some of the greatest professions in the world without spending thousands of dollars on a four-year college education. The procedure is relatively straightforward. Candidates choose a credential, such as CCNA. They prepare for it, pay a price to take an exam, fulfill a set of prerequisites, and presto! They have received certification in a particular field.

CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional), founded in 1997, has grown to become one of the world’s largest certification suppliers. CIW collaborates with IT professionals and high schools, colleges, educational institutions, and training providers. One of the most significant advantages of being a CIW Expert is that the certificates are highly specialized and are divided into professional positions. While a general certification may appear fine on your CV, a “Web Design Professional” certification will look much better if you’re searching for an occupation in web development.

CIW Certifications are classified into four types: foundational, creation, creation, and security. In this blog, we’ll go over each of the many categories of CIW certifications and the specific examinations available in each to help you determine if being a CIW Expert is suitable for you and, if so, which certification you should study for.

CIW Certifications: An Overview!

A certified internet webmaster is another term for CIW certification. This is one of the most widely accepted certificates that allows candidates to work for a reputable information technology firm. CIW certification primarily addresses the tools required for professionals to perform successfully in every working setting. This suggests that this program’s training is required for software and hardware operations. The CIW certification is best suited for individuals who work as a web designer, computer programmer, or webmaster. These people can obtain masters certification in certified web master designing. After completing this program, these individuals will be able to obtain more offers and remain in high demand in the relevant industry.

Importance of CIW Certifications

When beginning a career in Web technology, it is necessary to validate your abilities to demonstrate to current and future employers that you can perform your work to the desired standards. When you achieve a CIW Web Certification, you will not only gain the abilities required to complete the tasks at hand but also the credibility of holding a nationally recognized CIW Certifications in your profession.

Since the late 1990s, the CIW Web Certifications have been fast rising in popularity, and CIW has regularly enhanced its certification to reflect the “upgrades” in the latest technologies. One of the most classic CIW certification options is their Web Design certificates.

Becoming a Web Designer necessitates extensive instruction, which the Web Design programs that lead to CIW certifications provide.

Another advantage of obtaining a CIW Certification when attempting to become a Web Designer is that the CIW Certification courses are built utilizing the finest available knowledge gathered from several suppliers rather than a single one. CIW certification examinations are intended for professionals familiar with web design, web programming, and web-related operations. This means that obtaining a CIW Certificate will provide a Web Designer with a very adaptable approach.

CIW certifications come in various forms, and other online workers, besides web designers, might greatly benefit from obtaining one. As a result, it’s critical to understand that the CIW certification job path entails far beyond merely Web Design certification.

What Are Different Types of CIW Certifications?

The CIW certification focuses on the fundamental requirements and job abilities required to run the Internet, such as web design, administration, growth, networking, databases, and security. CIW certification comprises a comprehensive series of curricula and high-risk certification exams that train IT in foundational and career path subjects.

One of the most notable aspects of CIW accreditation is that you have several alternatives during your studies and get reimbursed for each step you take to become a web expert. This implies that you can add appropriate credentials to your CV while continuing to work on the core CIW Certifications that you are pursuing.

CIW Certifications and its 4 Types: Your Complete Exam Code Breakdown!

On the CIW cert career path, there are four major CIW certifications.

  1. CIW Web Foundations Associate

The Web Foundations Associate certificate is the first option provided by CIW. This certification is intended for high school, university, and technical/trade school students interested in website creation. Aside from a fundamental understanding and ability to utilize the Internet, basic web programming, and basic networking setup, there are no requirements for taking the test as an entry-level credential. It is also one of the fundamental CIW certifications you can acquire.

You may become a Web Foundations Associate in two ways. You may obtain the certification by passing the 1DO-510 (Web Foundations Associate) blanket test or by passing all three separate specialist examinations (Internet Commerce Associate, Site Design Associate, and Network Technology Associate). If you pass any of the three specialized tests, you will be awarded the exam title.

The Internet Business Associate exam will assess your understanding of subjects ranging from internet connection techniques and protocols to managing projects and programs. Many of these subjects are level-appropriate and should not delve too deeply into the technical side of things, but you should have a good understanding of how the Internet works; the exam will cover primary web-browser performance, browser plug-ins, progressed web searches, installing email clients, and software development instruments.

The second exam, Site Building Associate, will assess your understanding of similar concepts but with a focus on website building and e-commerce strategies. HTML/XHTML, CSS, computer-generated imagery, CSS, and other fundamental development subjects should be addressed.

Finally, the Network Technology Associate test will cover various networking operations, from troubleshooting to implementation. The subjects covered TCP/IP, wireless connections, network elements, protocols, the Reference Model for OSI, internetworking client types, and network safety ideas.

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The CIW Web Foundations Associate credential is obtained through the courses in this series.

Web Foundations Certification from CIW:

  1. CIW Web Design Series

These are also the best CIW certifications so far. There are two expert certificates and one professional license in the CIW Web Design Series. Unlike the Foundational Series certification, the professional certification does not need a single test. To obtain the CIW Web Expert certification, you must first get each of the two specialty certificates.

These are not entry-level tests, unlike the Foundations Series. Before taking these tests, students with little or no expertise in web design should take the Site Development Fundamentals course to understand the fundamentals.

Web Design Specialist is the first certificate available, and it is aimed at web designers, Internet consultants, IT experts, advertising specialists, web and graphic designers, and business executives.

As you’ll see below, one of the unique aspects of this test is that it covers not just the essential technology of web design but also the development procedure, customer expectations, and ethical/legal considerations. We believe this is an important but sometimes forgotten part of web design, and we are pleased to see it included.

As briefly mentioned above, the Web Design Specialist exam will assess your understanding of the website creation process, from essential internet technologies like HTML/XHTML and manufacturing tools to ethical and legal problems involved in online development.

While these are broad concepts, you should anticipate being asked specific questions concerning online technologies and tactics such as extensions, databases, and different web programming languages.

The E-Commerce Specialist exam is the following Web Design Specialist group test. This test is designed for the same audience as the Web Design Specialist certification. This section will test you on e-commerce site creation, security, company operations, advertising, and legal concerns.

As the name implies, the E-Commerce Specialist exam will assess your ability to create and operate an e-commerce site. You should be familiar with online security, CRM (customer relationship management) programs, marketing, legal concerns, promotion, taxation, and shipping internationally.

This test will concentrate less on general development – such as website programming languages – and more on running a company’s website from start to end.

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You will earn the associated CIW certification after completing the two certification examinations. After you have completed both exams, you will be the proud owner of the CIW Web Design Expert certification.

  1. CIW Web Development Series

To acquire the designation of Web Development Professional, you must complete all individual specialty tests, much like the Web Design Series. The series is divided into three exam topics: JavaScript (JS), Perl, and Databases Design. These examinations will benefit web developers, software builders, app programmers, client/server designers, and desktop authors. This would be an excellent follow-up for anyone completing the Web Design course.

The first test, JavaScript Specialist, will assess your ability to utilize JavaScript on an advanced level compared to standard web design to create client-side, platform-aware solutions. You’ll be tested on sophisticated JavaScript code creation, such as form validation, graphic animations, frame focusing on cookie generation, and general scripting for the JavaScript entity model.

The Perl Specialist exam is the second one in the series. Perl is comparable to JavaScript because it is a server-side programming language, whereas JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. Those considering a career in professional web development should seriously consider taking one or both of these examinations.

You’ll need to know the fundamentals of Perl as a programming language for this test, which covers syntax, standard expressions, data formats, accessing/manipulating files, etc. You must also be familiar with execution, database interaction, and other debugging approaches. It is also one of the best CIW certifications.

The Database Design Specialist exam is the last test in the Web Development Pro CIW certifications series. This exam will assess your understanding of numerous database types, including DB2, Oracle’s Database 11g, MS MySQL, and MySQL. You will not need to be an expert in the abovementioned databases. Focus on database basics and the SQL language.

You will be assessed on relational database principles, planning, design methodology (including conceptual and physical database design), efficiency, normalization, algebra of relational databases, operations, and database safety, stated on the CIW website. As previously said, you should have expertise in utilizing, administering, and creating many different SQL databases.

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The CIW Web Development Professional designation provides four certificates for only three tests.

  1. CIW Web Security Series

These are the last CIW certifications on our list. The Web Security Series is CIW’s last certification category. This series is unique because third-party certifications are included in the second and third tier CIW certifications choices. To begin, you’ll take the Web Security Associate exam (1D0-571) to become a Web Security Associate. After passing the test, you’ll need to pass one more independent exam to advance to the position of Web Security Specialist. Finally, you’ll acquire the Web Security Professional certification by completing a second third-party test. The CIW certifications website has a list of authorized third-party certifications.

This test is designed for network server admins, firewall admins, system admins, app developers, and information technology security officers. Corporate network safety policies, encryption, authentication standards, processes, commonly attacked ports and procedures, detection/response/reporting techniques, and preventative strategies will all be assessed. Studying for any third-party exams you wish to take would be best. Therefore, these are the best CIW certifications so far.

Regarding the CIW professional path to CIW Web Certification, Web Security CIW certifications stand out. This process is divided into three parts, each with its criteria. Although this may appear to be a diversion, consider the value that may be added by a CIW Web Certification, and it shall become clear that it is a desirable detour.

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It comes with the following CIW certification:

  • CIW Web Security Associate – 1D0-571


As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities and CIW certifications if you want to earn the title of a Certified Internet Web Professional. CIW certifications provide a fantastic, tiered certification system that encourages you to advance in rank throughout every exam series and from one series to the next, allowing you to broaden your job prospects as you go.

Check out the CIW website for complete test topic lists and in-depth descriptions of each specific exam. The CIW Web Certifications are valuable in and of their own, and even if you choose to focus on only one topic, you will reap the advantages of attaining each CIW Web Certificate. Though the CIW certification career path is winding if you go the whole way, it is worth the effort since you can obtain 14 CIW certifications.

If you have any inquiries or comments, please post them in the section below. Best wishes for your upcoming exam!

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