AZ-120 | A Roadmap to SAP Workload Proficiency: The top best Azure’s AZ-120 Decoded!

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A Roadmap to SAP Workload Proficiency: Azure’s AZ-120 Decoded!

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A Roadmap to SAP Workload Proficiency: Azure’s AZ-120 Decoded

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Prepare for the AZ-120 exam with this comprehensive guide. Learn about domains, prerequisites, and practical study tips for SAP Workloads on Azure.


Are you studying for the AZ-120 – Planning and Administering Azure Solutions for SAP Workloads exam?

Enterprises are adopting cloud computing at a more incredible velocity than ever previously. Many novel products from public cloud channels, such as Microsoft Azure, keep redefining enterprise cloud utilization. One of Microsoft Azure’s unique advantages is the ability to migrate SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure cloud-based platforms. As a result, the demand for specialists capable of handling Azure for SAP workloads has risen significantly in recent years.

The following section provides a comprehensive AZ 120 examination preparation guide. You might discover valuable data on the AZ 120 certification test, particularly about the domains encased in the exam. Additionally, you can learn about the exam’s fundamentals, such as registration charges and prerequisites. The most significant aspect of the conversation, however, would be the tips for efficiently preparing for the AZ 120 qualification exam.

So, keep exploring this fantastic blog guide to learn how you can move to Azure SAP Workload Mastery in 2023.

About AZ-120 Exam

The first and most important thing candidates should understand about the AZ-120 test is the reality that it is a specialist credential exam. You will receive a “Microsoft Accredited: Azure for SAP Work loads” specialized certification after passing the test. Another thing to bear in mind as you prepare for the AZ-120 test is that Microsoft Azure qualifications are role-based. As a result, the AZ 120 examination would assess an individual’s readiness to take on real-world tasks.

The AZ 120 test candidates are typically engineers and architects who must offer suggestions for services for managing SAP workloads on Microsoft Azure. An SAP on Microsoft Azure professional’s job also includes resource optimization to provide optimal resilient nature, scalability, size, installation, observing, and performance.

Another critical component that will help you prepare for the AZ 120 exam is being aware of the exam prerequisites. Candidates for the Azure AZ 120 accreditation should have years of expertise in the areas listed below.

  • SAP Software Applications
  • HANA by SAP
  • S/4 HANA
  • Net Weaver by SAP
  • SAP App and Database OS Platforms
  • Templates for ARM
  • SAP BW
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Structures for storing items
  • Infrastructure for the cloud
  • Concepts of data protection
  • Networking
  • Design for high-availability
  • Computer operating systems

AZ-120 Exam Details

On Microsoft Azure’s corporate website, there is insufficient detail on the amount of queries in the AZ 120 exam. Applicants may nevertheless find scenario-based inquiries with a single response and many answer possibilities. Furthermore, the AZ 120 test may include drag-and-drop problems that require applicants to arrange certain things in a specific order.

The AZ 120 exam is only offered in a single tongue, English. The AZ 120 exam admission price is $165 USD. It is an explanation of the fundamental details of the AZ 120 exam that can help you prepare for it.

  • Exam Name: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads
  • Exam Code: AZ-120
  • Number of Questions: 40-60
  • Exam Format: Case Studies and MCQs
  • Exam Duration: 180 Minutes
  • Exam Technology: SAP
  • Perquisites: None
  • Exam Fee: $165 USD
  • Exam Language: English
  • Exam Schedule Platform: Pearson VUE

What Are the AZ-120 Exam Domains Outline?

The basic structure of the exam topics is the most essential feature of any AZ 120 exam guide. Applicants should be informed of the exact areas of the AZ 120 exam for which they shall be tested. Furthermore, candidates should be thoroughly familiar with the subdivisions in each domain of the exam. A deep examination of the exam domains can assist candidates in developing a better image of the queries that are expected on the exam.

Let us enhance this AZ 120 study resource by delving further into each exam domain. A complete review of the segments in each domain, as well as the relative importance of all domains, might assist you in anticipating the obstacles of your preparation.

  1. SAP Workload Migration To Azure – 10-15%

The initial domain of the AZ 120 accreditation exam addresses SAP workload migration to Azure. This domain contributes to approximately 10% to 15% of the AZ 120 test questions. This domain’s subtopics are as follows:

  • Making an inventory of present SAP environments, including system, protection, and operations systems inventories, as well as migration concerns
  • Creating a migration strategy that includes issues like infrastructure management for migration, HANA Network Replication, data box export and import, ASR supporting SAP, and design standards for Tailored Data Interface (TDI) v4 & v5 solutions
  1. Development Of An Azure Solution To Support SAP Workloads – 20-25% 

The second significant subject in the AZ-120 studying guide is creating an Azure solution to serve SAP Workloads. This domain accounts for 20% to 25% of the overall questions on the AZ 120 test. This domain’s subsections are as follows.

  • Creating a foundational Azure infrastructure solution to support SAP workloads
  • Constructing Azure infrastructure services to handle SAP workloads
  • Creating a robust Azure solution to support SAP workloads
  1. Azure Build And Deployment For SAP Workloads – 35-40%

The next domain to focus on in your AZ 120 test preparation is the development and deployment of Azure solutions for SAP applications. It is the most important area in the AZ 120 qualification exam, accounting for approximately thirty-five percent to forty percent of the questions. This domain’s subtopics are as follows.

  • Virtual Machine Deployment Automation
  • Virtual networking deployment and management
  • Azure access and verification management
  • Identity implementation and management
  • SAP workload measurement in Azure
  1. Azure Infrastructure Verification For SAP Workloads – 10-15%

The fourth domain, which deals with the verification of Azure architecture for SAP workloads, is also an essential component of any AZ 120 test preparation guide. This domain contributes to approximately 10 to 15 percent of exam problems. This domain’s subtopics are as follows.

  • Validation of infrastructure inspections
  • Performing operational readiness checks
  1. Ensuring Azure Sap Network Operation – 10-15%

The final area of the AZ-120 exam is concerned with supporting Azure SAP architectural operations. This domain additionally accounts for approximately 10 to 15 percent of the exam questions. This domain’s subtopics include the following.

  • Performance enhancement
  • SAP workload transfer to Azure, including issues like migration tactics, storage arrangement, data backup and repair, Azure Site Rehabilitation, and others.

Perquisites for the AZ-120 Exam

The Microsoft Licensed: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialties exam AZ 120: Developing and Administering Azure for SAP Workloads constitutes an intermediate-level exam, and completing it grants you the Microsoft Certified: Azure during SAP Workloads Specialization certification.

Microsoft suggests that you have considerable expertise and knowledge of SAP programs, system landscapes, and regulatory requirements relevant to the initial conversion or integration and ongoing operation of an SAP solution on Azure. Before completing the AZ-120 exam, you must also have the following skills:

  • Virtualization, cloud services, storage frameworks, high availability architecture, DR design, data protection ideas, and networking are all part of the Azure site and Azure Marketplace.
  • In addition to SAP qualifications, you may also obtain Azure Administrator Professional or Azure Applications Architect Expert certification.

How to Prepare for the AZ-120 Exam?

The following and most important component of this talk is an outline of suggested suggestions for preparing for the AZ 120 exam. Focusing on expert advice can assist us in determining the best routine to get ready for the AZ 120 accreditation exam. Here are some excellent practices for conducting your AZ 120 examination preparation with a clear strategy.

AZ-120 | A Roadmap to SAP Workload Proficiency: The top best Azure's AZ-120 Decoded!

  1. Your First Ally Is The Official Certification Page.

If you choose to take the AZ 120 credential exam, head to Microsoft’s official web page right away. Open the official website of the exam by searching for the AZ-120 credential in the “Certifications” category. Even if you believe you know anything about the test, there is no harm in going over it again.

Candidates should check the official accreditation page to stay up on the latest on any alterations to the exam. As a result, applicants may be confident that their AZ 120 preparation for exams will get off to a good start!

  1. Never Leave The Learning Guide Unattended.

The study guide is, without a doubt, the most helpful tool a candidate may have while studying for the AZ 120 certified exam. The AZ 120 exam study manual can be downloaded on the official credential page. Candidates can access the study guide using a direct downloading link. The study guide aids your AZ-120 getting ready by assisting you in identifying the abilities and skills that will be confirmed on the exam. Another significant advantage of the study guideline for applicants is improved organization of time in their preparation.

  1. Take Online Training Courses

Training courses are the most essential instrument that may help you prepare for the AZ 120 certificate exam. Training courses on reputable online learning sites such as CertMagic can significantly help applicants boost their preparations. Candidates might select between accessible online training pathways on the Microsoft official web page and premium classes on reputable learning sites.

On Microsoft, the company’s website, there are two free learning paths: “Planning Microsoft Azure for SAP workloads” and “SAP products for Azure.” However, private instruction course providers, such as CertMagic, may give comprehensive coverage of all test topics as well as promised preparation assistance and direction. You can clear your worries at any moment by talking with the topic’s experts, making your preparations easier.

  1. Practice Exams Can Be Really Beneficial.

As you may have guessed, preparing for the AZ-120 exam will be difficult. However, you can boost your exam confidence by taking practice tests. Practice exams are an outstanding way to assess your skills and predicted accomplishments in an exam before sitting for it.

Use AZ-120 practice exams to your advantage to understand your shortcomings in the exam’s suggested topics. Practice examinations are also essential for strengthening a candidate’s time management abilities. Regular practice within a set time frame and under simulated conditions similar to the actual test helps students become acquainted with the structure of the exam. As a result, applicants will have little difficulty navigating the exam with simplicity.

  1. Participate In Community Activities

The final and most crucial thing to remember for AZ-120 getting ready is to socialize. Preparing for the AZ 120 certification exam requires a significant amount of time and work, and you are able to share your burden with numerous other applicants. Study groups and online discussion boards could be an excellent places to start looking for AZ-120 exam candidates.

Furthermore, you can identify professionals who have already passed the AZ-120 test. They can give you crucial insights into the tried-and-true methods for passing the exam. You can also get more personalized answers to your questions from professionals. Most importantly, personal insights into the actual exam might significantly impact a candidate’s morale.


So, you may now begin preparing for the AZ 120 or Planning and Administering Azure Solutions for SAP Workloads test. Despite adhering to the best procedures, candidates must use caution in their preparations. You cannot, for example, disregard the suggested certificates for the AZ-120 exam. Candidates must have an Azure Engineer or Admin certification and Linux & SAP HANA credentials.

Candidates must also reasonably locate appropriate study materials for the AZ-120 exam. The value of online instruction and practice tests in certification preparedness is something that candidates should bear in mind.

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